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2016 Cliche Verre Folio + Book

$950.00 USD

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Two gelatin silver, cliche verre photographs from glass negatives in an elegant linen case. Accompanied by a letterpress signature page and description of the history of cliche verre in the 19th century. Signed and numbered by the artist. Brenton begins by making collodion on glass negatives as a ground; in the field, he draws with a stylus upon the glass and collodion surface, creating original field drawings. The incised plates are printed in the darkroom on fine gelatin silver paper and toned in selenium. 

 The folio contains two 10x12 inch archival photographs, mounted on museum board - ready to frame or enjoy in the handmade linen enclosure. The letterpress signature page was designed and printed by the artist. This is a very special, limited edition of ten - and two AP folio's. 

Available for your collection. Edition 1 - 4 is priced at $950.00; edition 5-10 is $1,100.00. USA Shipping is included.

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©Brenton Hamilton
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